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one picture - endless stories

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SPN and J2 picture prompts for fiction of all genres. Go play, people!
This community is on HIATUS for the unforeseeable future due to the mods being busy and the very low response to the last few prompts. It seems people are inspired enough without our challenges, so we have taken a step back and let you all enjoy the fics you come up with yourself.
Love, your mods :)

Hi there! This community came to pass when I (Birdie) had one crazy idea and Cat didn't stop me (and instead became my co-mod).


Putting out monthly prompts in the form of pictures chosen by the moderators belonging to the fandom of SPN, SPN_RPS and J-squared. The prompts consist of one picture and that's it. No pairings or plots will be put into the prompts.
All we want is to feed the creativity of all those talented writers out there.


1. There are NO RESTRICTIONS to Genre, Pairing, Rating or style. You can write Drabbles or Oneshots as well as novel length. Slash, Het and Gen - and whatever else you can think of - are allowed.

2. Post the fics you write to our prompts in your own journal and post an entry in spn_pic_for_fic with a link to your journal post. If you have problems with the technicalities feel free to PM me.
After 45 days we will post a master-post with all the fiction written for the last post. This is not a deadline. Fics can be added to this list infinitely. It is also possible if you write a multi-chapter that we just put in the first chapter for the time being and add the new ones as they come,

3. Make sure your posts have sufficient headers including title, rating, genre, pairing, summary and warnings. Some information about the progress like 1/1 for a Oneshot and 1/7 or 1/? for a multi-chapter fic would be really nice as well. Word count, author and such are yours to decide about.

4. For fiction written for a prompt you can FEEL FREE to use the prompt-pic for making a banner to that fic. Just knock yourself out!

5. You can post your fiction in every other community as well but please give us some credit for the original prompt and link this community in.

6. Please don't just take the inspiration of our prompts and run off with it without linking your fic back here. It's just not fair to the moderators and the people who take the time to pick out the pictures and put out the prompts.

7. Only the moderators post prompts. We know that some of you might have some pictures they'd really want to pimp out as well and you can always contact a mod and ask us to put out a prompt with it. We just don't want this site to be flooded by so many prompts that the writers don't have the time to actually WRITE.

6. Play nice. We won't tolerate trolls, MSTing or any other crap!

7. We are not the rating police. Whether your ratings are sufficient is your problem and we accept all ratings no matter how high. Since the fics are only linked here it's not our responsibility. You're all old enough to be online, so you should know what you're doing.

8. HAVE FUN!!!

And be aware that we, insane songbird and mangacat201, are the moderators but we are just crazy fans as well and this is not school, so feel free to approach us at all times. If something pisses us off you'll know but I don't think that will happen too easily.
*hugs everyone* Birdie (and Cat, who I just include in all of this whether she wants it or not)

Go play, People!

ABOUT US: I thought it might make us less scary and MOD-like if I just introduced us, the maintainers shortly. I'm insane_songbird (the one who will probably make all the MOD-posts and stuff) and this whole thing was born on my insanity but you can call me Birdie. I am addicted to visuals concerning everything I have the slightest interest in and I love doing banners, icons and fanart of all kind. My vice-MOD, the one who will get stuck with the work when I'm off in the Amazonas or something, is mangacat_201. She's the Sylvester to my Tweety. Seriously, we're crazy and good at it. We're best friends and that's the only reason this Comm actually exists since Cat was the one who made it sound less crazy saying "You know this is a monster... and I know you want me to tell you to just DO IT!"
So this is us. We don't bite (hard) and we are reeeeally nice people.
*hug everyone*
Birdie & Cat