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07 January 2010 @ 08:42 am
Prompt Pic #8  
Welcome back at spn_pic_for_fic!

This is our new PROMPT PIC #8:

This picture was a suggestion of aescu who wrote for pretty much every prompt. Thank you for your enthusiasm.

unframed picture

For those of you who only see rocks here (like me the first time around…), I took the liberty to point the important spot out and zoom in a little here.
For a little more understanding: this is a pic from Misha’s twitter page, you might wanna read the comment ;)

Write a drabble, ficlet or fic (all genres, rating and pairings allowed) inspired by the picture. Post it to your journal or fic community - please credit this comm and the prompt - and post a header with a link back to your fic in a new entry to this community. Please tag your entries with 'fanfiction' and 'fic for prompt #18 '.

At the 15th of the next month all fics will be collected in one post. If more than 3 fics are posted by then here will be a poll posted on the 16th where readers can vote for their favorite fic. The winner of the vote will get their word in choosing the next prompt.

Feel free to make banners or icons for your fiction from the picture.

Master List of Fiction for this prompt

>> Useful links:

MASTER POST of all Prompts & Fiction
- Our Community Profile & Rules - Last Month’s Fiction

*hugs* insane_songbird

P.S.: I am sorry this didn't go up at the 1rst of this month, but I was a little out of the count then.
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mangacat201mangacat201 on January 7th, 2010 07:55 am (UTC)
you know... I'm kinda interested in what kinda shit people will come up with for this one, ehehehehe... lessee.